USB Auto-cutter 80mm POS Thermal Receipt Printer(AU Plug)

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Mode: IT-008


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    1. Printing method: direct line thermal

    2. Character size:

    - 576 points/line

    - Font A: 12 x 24 dots, 1.5(W) x 3.0(H) mm

    - Font B: 9 x 17 dots, 1.1(W) x 2.1(H) mm

    - Chinese Simplified/Traditional: 24 x 24 dots, 3.0(W) x 3.0(H)mm

    3. Printing parameters: Support downloading Logo trademark printing

    4. Supported characters:

    - Chinese: Support GB 1.2 Chinese character library, support GB18030 large font library, support Taiwan, Hong Kong traditional font library

    - Kor, Japanese (optional)

    - Spanish: ANK characters

    5. Printing speed: 220mm/sec

    6. Interface type: USB

    7. Print command: compatible with ESC/POS command

    8. Printing paper width: 79.5+/-0.5mm (print width 72mm)

    9. Outer diameter of printing paper: 80mm

    10. Printing paper thickness: 0.06-0.08mm

    11. Power supply: DC 24V/2.5A

    12. Automatic cutter: full or half cut

    13. Reliability: 100km

    14. Dimensions (L x W x H): 160 x 135 x 122(mm)

    15. Weight: 720g




    1. Suitable for all kinds of commercial retail POS systems, catering systems, industrial control systems and other fields

    2. High printing quality, low cost, low noise, high speed printing, support cash drawer driver language: support multiple languages

    3. Easy to load paper structure, reasonable structure, easy to use and maintain

    4. Low power consumption and low operating cost (no ribbon and ink cartridges required)

    5. Built-in data buffer (print data can be received when printing)

    6. The characters can be enlarged and printed, and the character line spacing can be adjusted for printing

    7. Support different density bitmaps and download graphics for printing

    8. Support raster bitmap printing

    9. Realize high-speed printing equivalent to calling hard font library under driver printing (mode)

    10. Compatible with ESC/POS printing instruction set, multiple modes can be adjusted

    11. Driver program: Win 9X, Win 2000, Win 2003, Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win8, win10, win11, Linux, support Android, iOS system, compatible with EPSON/SAMSUNG


    Applied to many occasions and scenarios. Such as schools, homes, office, supermarkets and more.

    Packing and Delivery

    Packaging Detail:

    12 pcs/carton

    Delivery Detail: within 20days after order confirmed.


    We generally ship goods worldwide by sea. The products will be in a shipping container when arriving at the port. You are responsible for picking up your shipment and Customs clearance on your side.

    Kindly Note

    If you need large quatity,please feel free to contact us.We will provide you a competition price and high quality goods.We are professional team for printer comsumable Sincerely hope we can help you.Welcome.

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