Masking Tape Indoor Only, Rubber Adhesive, 6 Or 12 Rolls, For Office, School…

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This paper-backed, general purpose masking tape has a stronger adhesive than painter’s tape and may leave adhesive residue when removed. It is used for temporary holding, wrapping, marking, and labeling applications.

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    About This Item

    1 ) General purpose masking tape provides excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces in a number of fields, light bundling, packaging and closing, and light duty masking and sealing etc.

    2 ) Premium adhesive can be easily removed with no residue left behind, no need to worry about cleaning up sticky spots on walls after painting or on items that you have labeled.

    3 ) Easy to tear and remove, good holding power to help resist lifting or curling, special backsize treatment provides easy to use controlled unwind.

    4 ) Crepe paper backing provides conformability for easy handling and application, easily hand tearable and resists slivering.

    5 ) If you aren't satisfied with your purchase, contact us through our email at any time you want, and we'll issue you a refund, to ensure you have a nice shopping experience in our store.

    More Infromation

    Masking tape for painting projects or light duty non-critical applications; for indoor use.

    Includes 6 or 12 rolls of masking tape made of beige crepe paper with pressure-sensitive rubber adhesive for easy placement.

    Not meant to be “sticky” to perform well; specifically designed adhesive ensures easy removal.

    Tears effortlessly by hand for convenient dispensing; no scissors needed.

    Heat resistant up to 200 degrees F.

    Once opened and removed from packaging, store in a cool dark place like a cabinet or closet for maximum life longevity.

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