Crystal Clear Packing Tape, Carton Sealing Tape Heavy Duty Clear Packing Tape

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Our SHIRLEYYA tape made by extra sticky adhesive hot glue and strong layers film for multi purpose usage.

Extra strength OPP layer material prevent the tape damage during transit.

BEST SUITABLE FOR ANY JOB TASK: Economic for home, commercial or industrial use. Any temperatures and environments will not change the tape’s quality. Prefect for multi-purpose use with inexpensive cost and finish your job easily. It will help your warehouse manage the sealing process quick and efficient.

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    A 35mic*4.8cm*115m

    B 47mic*4.8cm*65m

    C 177mic*2.4cm*18m

    D 37mic*1.2cm*7.9m

    ....or other size you like.

    About This Item

    Completely Crystal Clear For A Professional Appearance On Boxes Or When Taping Over Address Labels.

    Moving And Storage Packing Tape For Sealing And Keeping Boxes Securely Closed Shut - Can Be Used With A Tape Gun For Easy Dispensing.

    Ideal For Large, Heavy Boxes; Helps Keep Valuables Safe, Whether Moving, Shipping, Or Storing.

    Perfect Long Lasting Bonding Range In Performance For Shipping And Storage In Hot & Cold Temperatures.

    More Information

    Confidently secure you moving boxes or packages with our  packaging tape with strong adhesive that will adhere to your boxes for months and keep your contents safe.

    Save time applying our packaging tape to your boxes with our wrinkle and bunching free design that fits all standard tape dispensers and tape guns.

    Easy to use shipping tape that will not split our rip during application.

    Quickly wrap large and heavy boxes with our tape with strong BOPP acrylic adhesive, but also light enough to easily tape small moving boxes, books, picture frames, and more.


    strong packing tape

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