Standard Direct Thermal Paper Label Perforated For Direct Thermal Printers

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    White Background Thermal Paper Label Water/Oil/Friction Proof

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    Size:100*100*1000, 100*50*1000, 30*25*1000,50*25*1000,60*40*1000...

    Core size: 25mm(small), 40mm(big)

    Package:60、80、90、160、180、260...rolls per box.

    MODE: Blue Background Thermal Paper Label

    kraft thermal labels

    Size:80*90*1000,90*30*1000,90*40*1000,100*30*1000,100*100*1000mm,100*100*500mm,100*50*1000mm,100*50*500mm...and more

    Core size:40*46mm

    epson l90 sticky paper


    Available in a wide range of colors, for color coding and easy identification.

    For general office and laboratory organization, warehouses and shipping facilities.

    Printable with all major direct thermal printer brands.

    Convenient and Easy to Use

    Made of thermal paper, this label roll is heat activated and pressure sensitive for quick printing, ensuring that each label is clear and accurate. Because no ink is required, you don't have to worry about running out of ink, or changing messy ink ribbons when you are busy. Each label peels away smoothly from the backing, and because of the permanent adhesive, each securely sticks to any surface.


    When you run a fast-paced business, the last thing you need is to run out of labels. By keeping an extra roll or two on hand, you can ensure that your business isn't faced with downtime or lower productivity due to running out of labels for your scale. Great for bakeries, delis, grocery stores, and independent restaurants, this paper roll allows you to continue keeping accurate records for your business!

    The SHIRLEYYA thermal label rolls  are perfect for many labeling applications including shipping, barcoding, and inventory tracking. They don’t need an ink ribbon when printed, which means they can deliver fast and clear print images. Our label rolls come in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials, colors, perforations, and adhesives to meet different customers’ specific requirements. If you have any questions about the label rolls, feel free to contact us.

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