PVC Self Adhesive Cold Lamination Film, Photo Cold Laminating Film

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    235 pcs/box, 20 box/carton

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    This is a high quality 3D cold laminate PVC film , features aggressive bonding characteristics and is known for its 3D crystal-clear finish. This 3D photo paper has unique "cat eye" surface which adds your design some effects and make it more beautiful and attractive. Adheres to graphic media with light to heavy ink coverage without peeling, yellowing or delaminating. It can be used to laminate posters, maps, signs and other documents.

    Long term indoor &outdoor

    Has special effects already printed in the paper(cat eye)

    High quality coating and paper base paper

    Excellence in color perspective

    Detailed presentation

    Waterproof and works on all inkjet printers

    Adds effects and high resolution output to your image

    Good abrasion resistance

    Excellent adhesion on graphic media


    glitter cold lamination film

    - To laminate graphics, posters, maps, signs and other documents.

    Mode: SYCLF-002

    Size: 70x100x200mic, 70x100x150mic, 70x100x50mic

    About This Item

    ✅  Not Need Warm-up Time: There is no warm-up time and your material will move quickly through the laminator. All you have to do stick with your material.

    ✅  High Quality: Add a high gloss finish with excellent transparency to any document, artwork, photo or graphic.

    ✅  More Safety: Cold roll laminatiing film doesn't need to heating, it won't melt and stick nd no heat means no chance of burns and no potential fire hazard -- all reasons why cold laminators are a practical choice for schools, offices, and sensitive work environments. They are ideal with untrained or unsupervised staff who have a need to use the machine.

    ✅  Widly Application: Self-adhesive film requires no heat or special equipment for easy DIY installations. Perfectly suited for use in any die-cutter or vinyl plotting machine. Can also easily be cut by hand.

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