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8MM (4:1)

10MM (4:1)

18MM (4:1)

26MM (4:1)

51MM (4:1)

And more choices

COLOR: Black and white, color, transparent color can be customized


Large Binding Capacity: our spiral binding coils can hold up to many sheets of copy paper, and fits well for most office projects to improve efficiency and save binding costs


Suitable Length: each plastic coil binding is many sizes you can choose (6mm–23mm and more), this suitable size is nice for letter-sized books, documents or binding projects, so you don’t have to face the problem that the coil is too short; In addition, the coil has a lot of extra parts, so you can curl the ends to get pretty appearance


4:1 Pitch: binding coils are compatible with most 4:1 coil binding machines and convenient to use; The coils are equipped with 48 loops for every coil, and their 4:1 pitch matches the pattern of 4 holes per inch on the side of the book, easy to assemble


Prefabricated Coils:  They are the first choice for easy binding of books, documents or reports in the office


Reliable Plastic: spiral bind coils are made of quality plastic, safe and smooth, and can easily create binding projects that lie flat with our binding coils; With softness and flexibility, their structure will not bend or jam, making your business proposals, reports, menus and more look neat and elegant


Applied to many occasions and scenarios. Such as schools, office supplies and supermarkets.

Packing and Delivery

48 loops/coil, 100 pcs/box, 10 boxes/carton.


We generally ship goods worldwide by sea. The products will be in a shipping container when arriving at the port. You are responsible for picking up your shipment and Customs clearance on your side.

Kindly Note

If you need large quatity,please feel free to contact us.We will provide you a competition price and high quality goods.We are professional team for printer comsumable Sincerely hope we can help you.Welcome.

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